ADHD services offered in West Linn, OR

If your child has trouble paying attention in class or trouble taking turns on the playground, you may want to consider getting them an assessment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, in West Linn, Oregon, pediatrician Badia Jabbour, MD, and the team diagnose and treat ADHD in children and teenagers. To schedule an appointment for your child’s mental and behavioral health, call Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, or book online today.


What is ADHD?

ADHD is a behavioral health condition that’s often first diagnosed during childhood or adolescence. The condition can have a major impact on your child’s learning, productivity at home, and social life. 

Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, provides assessments to treat ADHD in children and adolescence. They offer your child individualized treatment to improve their symptoms and help increase their focus, attention span, and other important skills that aid in learning. 

After careful assessment, the team at Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, determines which type of ADHD your child has of the three most prominent types: inattentive ADHD, hyperactive ADHD, and mixed ADHD. 

What are the symptoms of ADHD in kids?


ADHD can manifest differently among the children it affects. A wide range of behaviors can result from the condition, including many that are hyperactive, like trouble sitting still, and many that are inattentive, like trouble paying attention in class.

Some of the most common ADHD symptoms in kids and adolescents include:

  • Excessive talking
  • Frequently interrupting others
  • Trouble taking turns
  • Frequently losing items
  • Getting easily distracted
  • Trouble focusing
  • Overlooking details
  • Impulsiveness

During your child’s behavioral assessment, the team interviews both you and your child and closely observes your child’s natural behaviors. They provide specific assessments for vision, hearing, language, and other parameters. 

How can my child manage their ADHD?

A personalized care plan can help your child manage their ADHD and experience fewer setbacks in the classroom and at home due to their symptoms. Prescription medications, which come in stimulant and nonstimulant varieties, are just one of many methods to improve ADHD symptoms in kids and adolescents. 

In addition to any prescribed medications, the team at Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, offers suggestions on building a routine for your child at home. They might recommend a consistent bedtime, healthy meals and snacks, exercise, and other steps to add to your child’s structured schedule. 

Behavioral therapy also benefits children and adolescents with ADHD. Combined with medications, routine changes, and learning aids, behavioral therapy can help your child manage their behaviors and thrive at home and at school. If your child needs therapy, the team can recommend a specialist.

To learn more about ADHD management for kids and adolescents, schedule an appointment by phone or online at Kids First Pediatric Clinic, LLC, today.