Medical Adoption Consultations

Dr. Jabbour specializes in adoption services. Pre and post adoption screenings ease the anxiety levels of parents considering adoption. Dr. Jabbour’s consults are for both domestic and international adoptions. Dr. Jabbour reviews the following items about the child you hope to adopt:

  • Existing medical records
  • Growth data
  • Photos and/or video of the child

Dr. Jabbour’s initial consultation will discuss the information collected in detail as well as answer any of your questions regarding your referral, travel criteria if you plan on adopting outside the United States, or post-adoption adjustment periods. Health concerns and developmental issues are the most common concerns when adopting from abroad. They are often difficult to assess with accuracy for a number of reasons:

  • There may be very little or unreliable medical and family history for the child.
  • There may have been undisclosed or unknown prenatal risk factors, birth complications or postnatal medical problems, all of which could affect a child's current and future health and development.
  • Children from developing countries may have been exposed to diseases, parasites or environmental toxins not commonly encountered in the United States.
  • Older children who are adopted may have issues of neglect, deprivation or other significant life stresses that affect their health, behavior and development.

Dr. Jabbour has helped numerous families through the adoption process with her medical adoption consultations. She will assess all the information given to her in order to provide an overall risk assessment of the child's future medical or special developmental needs. The adoption process presents very many unknowns, and your concerns are valid. Dr. Jabbour is here to guide you through your adoption journey and looks forward to growing with your family through the years.